Filter Apps from Games in the Play Store

Apps - Play Store Link is a lightweight application that lets users see the top charts apps without interference from the games. The app is provided by Happening Studios and is available for Free in the Google Play Store.

Apps - Play Store Link takes use of a hidden link in the Play Store to display the apps in the Top Charts.

This is a very helpful application for those who are interested in seeing only apps in the apps Top charts and don't like to scroll through endless games. I don't understand why Google shows games in the apps section even though it has dedicated a section for games.

You can see the image below where the Play Store Apps Top Chart is overpopulated with games and the Apps - Play Store Link show just the apps.
Apps - Play Store Link Android App

Erudite - A Bilingual Language Learning Dictionary

Erudite is a simple bilingual language learning application with Phrasebook and Flashcards. This application is provided by Erudite and it is available for free in the Google play Store.

Erudite dictionary appErudite users can learn a new word every day as the Word of the day is shown on the application home screen and in the widget. Phrasebook and Flashcards can easily help the users learn the basic words in the interested language. This is an amazing feature that I like and I have used these two features to learn many German words.

Custom flash cards can be created but after entering the first word, the app doesn't automatically translate it into another language. So basically, the user has to know the word in both languages to create a flash card.

Once a word is searched, it's Definitions, Grammar, Examples, Synonyms, Antonyms are shown but not for all the words. For example, the words Contribute, implement have no Antonyms and the word accoutrement, ambivalence doesn't have examples. A quick search can be performed from the home screen if enabled in the settings. The searched words can be accessed later in the History.

Use the bookmark feature to save important definitions, Flashcards and phrases in the Phrasebook for quick access. Bookmarks and history change for different language pairs. If a word is bookmarked or saved in history, then they can only view when the same dictionary pair is selected. This is wonderful and reduces clutter.

The Erudite dictionary helps you learn 16 languages which include English, German. French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Chinese. Japanese. Korean, Indonesian, Turkish, Arabic. Hebrew. That number is little low when it comes to the number of available languages and many in the Top 20 aren't available. I didn't see any Indian language, not forgetting the fact that almost six languages are in the Top 20 based on the number of native speakers.

The Word of the day gets deleted if the users change the dictionary. The developer has mentioned this when making changes but the bookmarks and history stay when the user return to a previous dictionary. If the users are going to learn multiple languages simultaneously using the application, then they have to sacrifice the Word of the day otherwise bookmark them every day.

Downloading dictionaries block the UI and the progress bar doesn't correctly update on how much file size is downloaded. When downloading, application not responding dialog appeared. The developer could, at least, perform the downloading in the background and let the users use the app.

I think the app doesn't show third party ads like others available in the Play Store but shows affiliate ads. It's little hard to differentiate these at the start since they look like they are part of the app. I have accidentally clicked on them multiple times and it opened the webpage inside the app. These ads can be removed by paying Rs. 250.

The Erudite dictionary is pretty good for beginners and the developer could make few changes to make it perfect.

Can You Shoot CLOCKS

CLOCKS in-game ScreenShotCLOCKS is a Tap to shoot android game available in the Google Play Store. This game is developed by Reddyset and published by Noodlecake Studios.

Whenever I think of Clocks they reminded me of time but that has changed after playing the game.

This game is simple. Just use the clocks hand to shoot other clocks. The clocks hand keeps rotating, so time the shots. There are 100 quest levels and a Survival mode for the users to play.

Gain stars by completing a quest level within the time limit and gain 100 stars to get a total of 20,000 XP.

CLOCKS game has ads and can be removed by paying Rs. 46.38.

Clipboard Actions to create appropriate actions based on the clip

Clipboard Actions creates appropriate actions based on the clipboard and display them in the notification bar. This application is provided by Halfreal Games.

The user can search the copied clip in Google, Bing, Baidu or couple other search engines based on the preferences set in the settings. If the clip is in another language, then the user can translate it to the preferred language which can also be changed in the settings.

Clipboard Actions Notification Screen ShotThe user can share the clip or create a QR code directly from the notification area and if the copied text is an address then it can be searched on Maps directly.

Clipboard Actions shows meaning in the notification bar when individual words are copied. It converts currencies too but the conversions open the browser to display the value. It would be amazing if it displayed the conversion value directly in the notification bar. Also, the currencies symbol has to be written next to the number to get recognized. If the users copy texts like 4 euros or Rs. 100, this android application had trouble recognizing the currency.

Clipboard Actions detects email address for users to compose an email, phone numbers to initiate a call and links to open them. It had trouble detecting multiple emails, phone numbers, links and only showed the first email or the first phone number or the first link in the copied text. In addition to that, the application had trouble recognizing links if they didn’t start with http://. The application uses to shorten the recognized urls and can be done with a single click.

A high, medium, low priority can be set to the notification. They can be pinned or deleted. If the user allows the clips to be saved in the settings, then they can view the previous clips. Most of the Actions and Behaviours can be turned off based on the user preferences.

The notification has just two themes one is System theme and another is Dark theme.

Marshmallow Launcher for your pre-Marshmallow device

As the name says Marshmallow Launcher is a launcher application that gives users Android M launcher experience. This application is offered by Launcher Group.

Marshmallow Launcher ScreenSimply launch the application the first time and it gives the app drawer a Marshmallow look. In addition to that, the search bar and most used applications are displayed and the users can choose to disable them in the settings.

The App drawer style can be changed to Vertical, List or Horizontal. The list option shows all the application with a-z sidebar. If you don't like to see certain applications, then the users can Hide Apps.

The users can alter Icon size and choose to display the icons name or change its color. Similarly, the layouts of folders and the icons displayed on the home screen can be altered in the Launcher Settings.

The background of a folder can be changed to a transparent Circle, white Circle or a Square. The icons inside a folder can be stacked or arranged in a grid fashion or in a line. The users can choose to use zoom or circle as their Transition animation when a folder is opened.

Using the Launcher Settings, the users can decide how many icons should be displayed in rows columns on the Home screen. The number of rows and columns can be varied between 3 to 6.

The widget drawer displays the all the applications that provide a widget in a vertical scrolling view and their widgets in a horizontal scrolling view. This feature is another imitation available from Android Marshmallow devices.

Three Icon packs are available for the users and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

SignEasy - A Simple Way to Sign Documents

SignEasy claims to be simplest and the fastest way to sign documents. The application is provided by Glykka LLC.

SignEasy application lets the users sign the documents using their mobile device instead of printing the document, signing it and scanning it before sending to someone. Simply import the document, sign and send it.

SignEasy Home Screen ScreenshotThe users can upload a document from Email, SD card, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote. The application misses to include the OneDrive. The application supports documents from PDF, Word, Text, HTML to image formats like PNG, JPEG and more.

Sign the documents and add initials, date, text, images to the documents. Signature, initials, text can be added in different colors like blue, black and red color. An unauthorized signing of the documents can be restricted by using a passcode or Nexus Imprint fingerprint authentication feature. In addition to that, the users can export their signature or get their documents signed by others.

Email the file as a PDF attachment. The users can upload the file to the Google Drive, Evernote, OneDrive or similar cloud services. The users can share the documents via Skype, Lenovo's ShareIt application but not WhatsApp.

The users can forward the signed document to a secondary email address automatically with digital audit log and use settings to add customized email footer.

If the user’s signup to the service via the android application, then they get a 7-day free trial of the Pro plan. Three different paid plans are available for the mobile users. The pro plan and Business plan costs around Rs. 2,457.99/year and Rs. 4,916.59/year respectively. Other than the yearly plans, the users can choose to pay Rs. 318.46 to sign for every 10 documents.

The pro plan comes with features like unlimited documents signing, cloud integration, offline signing, Instant document sync, Nexus Imprint fingerprint authentication.

The business plan is an extended version of pro plan. It comes with additional features like adding more signers or notes to documents with freestyle editing feature and use other email accounts to send documents to to import, sign using the application.

Glympse Express Application Overview

Glympse Express is an easy way to share real-time location details with various types of contacts. The application is provided by Glympse.

Glympse Express Application Home ScreenGlympse Express is a sister application of Glympse application. Unlike the main application, this is a smaller version and only includes share location feature.

The application is simple to use. The users have to select an application and the amount of time they want to share the real-time location details. Then the Glympse Express creates a link and allows the users to share that specific link with their contacts.

Once the link is created, it can be shared via WhatsApp, Hangouts, Messenger. The user can also send an SMS or Email the link to their contacts or share the link on social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter.

The recipients will receive a link to a live map and the live map auto expires. The live map can be opened on any browser and the recipients don't need the Glympse application to view the live map.