Syria expecting help as the Islamic State took over Syrian airbase

On Sunday, Aug 24, 2014, the Islamic State took control of a major airbase in Ar-Raqqah, Syria. The fighting killed more than 500 people in five days on either sides. The airbase has number of helicopters, ammunition, tanks, artillery and warplanes. After three previous failed attempts, the Islamic State fighters succeeded this time in capturing.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) released numbers showed that 346 fighters of Islamic State and 170 forces of Syrian government died since Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014. The Islamic State fighters cut few Syrian soldiers head and held others captive. More fighters died, even then they took control of the airbase.

The Islamic State planned to take control of military aircraft's and maybe launch airstrikes on Kurdish fighter or on Iraq military or on anyone but it didn't went that way. The warplanes in Al-Tabqa airbase were shifted to other place by Syrian military before the Islamic State fighters took over the base completely. Even though the fighters didn't get what they wanted, gaining the control of airbase could be a relief with recent losses suffered in Iraq including Mosul dam lose.

In the Islamic State controlled area near Ar-Raqqah city, many Mosques announced this news to the locals and few fighters celebrated with gunfire.

The Islamic State took complete control of an airbase and they already have United States advanced weapons. They control big major cities, oil fields in both Iraq and Syria, not to forget about border crossings. You can see from all these the Islamic State is trying so hard to reshape Middle East.

Syria has large number of chemical weapons and as Syria is falling, the Islamic State can take control of such weapons. They just need chemical weapons and nuclear weapons to get ready for a higher form of war. With dangerous weapons in the hands of the Islamic State, I highly doubt there will be anyone who thinks they won't disturb peace in the Middle East.

On Monday, Aug 25, 2014, Walid Muallem, Syrian Foreign Minister warned the United States not to launch any airstrikes on the Islamic State fighters present in Syrian territory without their permission. Launching strike will be considered as a violation of Syrian sovereignty. He also said the country is ready to support the regional countries and the international communities that are willing to fight the terrorism in the region. All this should happen with the involvement of Syrian government.
Photo by foreignoffice / CC BY-ND
Martin Schaefer, the spokesman to Germany Foreign Minister said from the start of the civil war, Syria involved in many injustful activities which cannot be ignored easily. He continued saying Germany will not involve in any fight with the Islamic State or support Syria in its fight.

Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister asked the western and Arab governments to help Syria in its fights against the Islamic State. He went on saying, the United States supported the ISIS when fighting Syria like they supported Mujahideen fighting Russia in 1980's. The ISIS created Islamic State like Mujahideen created Al-Qaeda. 9/11 happened because of the mistake United States made and is doing it again.

Russian humanitarian aid vehicles returned after successfully delivering aid in Ukraine

On Friday, Aug 22, 2014, 227 trucks crossed the border into Ukraine without any permission from International Red Cross or the Ukrainian border guards. Among them 7 were support vehicles. Ukraine only gave permission to 35 trucks but more number of trucks crossed the border. The tensions between the countries increased with such move and the western governments intervened quickly.

Russia send 280 trucks with an official intention to provide aid in the eastern Ukraine. The trucks were waiting at the border since Thursday, Aug 14, 2014. The Ukraine delayed their entry with its suspicion on the aid. In the meantime, Ukraine announced that it attacked the Russian intrusion and global leaders blamed Russia for such behavior even though Russia denied such claims. Countless people suffered with the conflict that started in eastern Ukraine in Mid April, 2014.

Russia was frustrated with the delay and blamed Ukraine for constantly firing on the residential areas through which the convoy has to travel. Russia denied there were Russian troops inside Ukraine and any support to pro-Russian rebels. Russia said these vehicles carried necessary food, water, generators and sleeping bags.

Russia "decided to act" and led the trucks into Ukraine to save the perishable goods. The Red Cross staff is ready but was unavailable at the time to accompany the trucks which were headed Lugansk, Ukraine. By afternoon, the trucks reached the city which suffered a lot in the recent conflicts between Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists. The trucks successfully unloaded and started their way back.

Valentyn Nalivaychenko, Ukrainian state security chief said Ukraine considers the this issue as "a direct invasion" by Russia. Ukraine said some of the trucks are meant to transport weapons to rebels and move dead Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine back to Russia. Ukraine claimed the men driving the trucks were military trained in combat vehicles. Ukraine said even then, it won't fire at the aid but Russia will attack its own aid to will create a tense situation.

The White house said Russia sending the trucks without Ukraine's permission is a clear violation and further escalation of the situation. Both Angela Merkel, German Chancellor and Barack Obama, United States President urged Russia to bring back the trucks that entered Ukraine and deescalate the situation.

NATO condemned the Russia behavior and said this is a breach of Russia's international commitments. NATO claimed it has proofs that Russia has deeper involvement in the conflict than they previously mentioned and accused Russia for supplying huge number of advanced weapons to pro-Russian rebels.

On Saturday, Aug 23, 2014, 220 trucks carrying the aid returned to Russia. 7 helping vehicles returned on On Friday, Aug 22, 2014. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the world's largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization confirmed all the trucks returned to Russia in the afternoon.

Angela Merkel said the ceasefire between the sides is important, she alone cannot achieve it and the cooperation of both sides is needed.

On Tuesday, Aug 26, 2014, Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian President and Vladimir Putin, Russian President will meet at the Eurasian Union summit which will be held in Minsk, Belarus.

Israel targeted Hamas commanders and Hamas targeted Israel collaborators

On Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014, Hamas broke the ceasefire proposed by Egypt, firing rockets into Israel. Israel with no delay engaged in a counter offensive and called of its negotiators in Cairo.
Photo by farshadebrahimi / CC BY-SA
At the end of the day, with airstrikes, Israel targeted Hamas military wing commander, Mohammad Deif. Israel thought he was dead in the attack but later on Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014, Hamas military wing announced that its commander is still alive and will successfully lead them towards Jerusalem to liberate the
Al-Aqsa Mosque, third holy site for people who follow Islam. This incident is one of many Israel's failed attempts to kill Mohammad Deif.

The airstrike killed his wife and two year old daughter. Thousands of Hamas supporters attended the funeral and chanted revenge for this killing. A Palestinian website said Mohammad Deif was dead along with his family. Hamas just covered the story by changing the information in the hospital log. The article was removed shortly after it was posted. The article showed the death certificate of Mohammad Deif. The authenticity of this death certificate is not yet confirmed.

On Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister promised its citizens to hit back Hamas “seven times as hard”. He also said the top level leaders of Hamas are Israel's primary targets and no one will be left behind. Benjamin Netanyahu compared Hamas to terrorist groups like Islamic State, Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah.

Israel Defense Forces called up 10,000 reserve soldiers for action in Gaza.

On Thursday, Aug 21, 2014, Israel launched number of airstrikes into Rafah, Gaza Strip. These attacks killed three senior top level commanders of the military wing of Hamas. Those are Mohammed Abu Shamaleh, Mohammed Barhoum and Raed al-Attar.

These three commanders played important role in constructing tunnels in Gaza, smuggling and kidnapping an Gilad Shalit, Israeli soldier in 2006. Hamas armed wing commander Raed al-Attar in 2011 personally handed over Gilad Shalit to Egypt for an exchange of prisoners. Mohammed Abu Shamaleh was the Rafah commander and had planned the kidnap. Mohammed Barhoum is another senior commander and a relative of Fawzi Barhoum, Hamas spokesman.

This could be a huge loss to Hamas from the start of the third Gaza war as it has very few commanders. Gazans waved Hamas flags and Hamas responded with rocket fires. Hamas said Israel committed a big crime and will pay for killing its commanders.

On Friday, Aug 21, 2014, Hamas killed 18 Palestinians suspected for collaborating with the Israelis at three instances. First they killed 11 near Gaza police headquarters, 6 more in public near the Gaza's largest and oldest mosque and the last one was killed in another nearby place.

On the same day in southern Israel, a mortar attack launched from Gaza killed a Israeli kid.

Since the broke of ceasefire On Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014, Hamas fired 300 rockets into Israel and Israeli airstrikes at least killed 75 Gazans. So far from the start of the third Gaza war, 2,138 Palestinians died with 70 percent being civilians and 68 Israelis were killed, other than four, rest were soldiers of Israel Defense Forces.

Being aggressive, Israel and Hamas are getting into trouble. I'm sure, both of them know of such consequences and just doesn't seem to care.

Israel and Hamas are pushing each other into trouble

Israel is destroying the infrastructure and killing civilians in Gaza with a pretext of protecting its people and Hamas is kidnapping Israelis and firing rockets with a pretext of blockade. Israel is killing many people and destroying many lives in Gaza. Hamas is threatening Palestine peoples lives more, with each rocket it fires at Israel.

Israel is acting aggressive and might get punished for war crimes while Hamas can get punished for carrying out terror activities. They both are doing wrong and pushing each other into lot of trouble.

On Saturday, Aug 2, 2014, George Galloway, United Kingdom Parliament Member declared Bradford to be an "Israel-free zone". He said they won't encourage Israeli goods, services or don't want Israelis to study in their universities or welcome tourists into Bradford. David Ward is another United Kingdom Parliament Member and he said that if he lived in Gaza, he would sure fire rockets at Israel.

There are similar issues in other places (like Berlin, Amsterdam) too where people rallying on streets against Israel. You can see there is growing support for Palestine in Europe and condemning Israel offensives in Gaza.
Photo by kazvorpal / CC BY-SA
European countries may impose sanctions and boycott Israel for its offensive actions in the Gaza which costed more lives of innocent women and children than Hamas militants. Most of the world is against Israel right now and angry. Things could get even worse. The more the Gaza gets hurt, the more the hatred on Jews increase and this could lead to the attacks on individual Jews living around the world.

Hamas is threatening its own survival and the lives of the people its fighting for. In an airstrike on Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014, Israel targeted the home of Muhammad Deif, commander of the military wing of Hamas. In the attack, his wife and daughter were killed.

More Palestinians killed compared to Israelis in the third Gaza war. Gazans are suffering more, even then Hamas is going down the same path. Hamas doesn't seem to care about the causalities on its side and blindly following its craziness. Hamas need to stop firing rockets and find another way to get rid of the blockade.

The long term talks in Cairo broke on Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014 when Hamas fired rockets into Israel. Soon, Israel responded with its rockets into Gaza. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister called its negotiators back from Cairo.
Such move questions about the willingness about another ceasefire or long-term peace talks. Hamas said the talks are over and Egypt expressed its regret.
Derivative of Photo by veni /  CC BY / Srikar Reddy
If Israel starts its offensive in Gaza once again, more people will die. There are already thousands of Gazans died and hundreds of thousands scattered. Gaza temporarily halted from turning into a graveyard. With little to no concern about Palestine people lives, Hamas is engaging in heinous activities  Israel's offensive action might clean Hamas and the people living in Gaza.
Hamas wants blockade lifted in Gaza, Israel wants to disarm Hamas. Both prefer to destroy each other than come to a conclusion. Whatever these two do, the ones actually suffering right now is Gazans.

Killing the Islamic State fighters will not destroy the Islamic State

In a war to win over the Islamic State, the United States supplied arms to the Kurdish fighter. We still unaware of its consequences as we have to wait and watch. From then, the countries like United Kingdom, France supplied arms to Kurdish fighters in a way to strengthen the group and win over the Islamic State. I'm not sure how well this works and how far the western governments can succeed in suppressing the Islamic State.

The Islamic State is not an armed group, its an idea started and dreamed by the Al-Qaeda creator Osama bin Laden. He worked hard until his last breath for creating such state and killed countless lives in the process. Some how with the same idea and with little help from the United States, the ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) formed the Islamic State. There doing the same, killing others. Destroying the ISIS fighters artillery, making them surrender or killing them doesn't solve the issue. You need to kill the idea of forming an Islamic State with harsh implementation of Sharia law, either by forcing or killing who oppose. Its a movement stated in Afghanistan spread to Iraq and later allover the world.

You could call it with any name Islamic State, Sharia State, jihadism or any other name and the main idea is forming an Islamic State with harsh implementation of Sharia law, either by forcing or killing who oppose. If failed to destroy such idea, the fight soon be allover the world. If you think I'm wrong, you can see the Islamic State fever in the many places around the world.

The support for the Islamic State can be seen in the Indian states like Kashmir, Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu, twenty four young Muslims took their picture in front of a Mosque wearing the Islamic State flag and posted it to a social networking site Facebook. Before this incident one man left Tamil Nadu to fight for the Islamic State.

In Kashmir, many times people marched onto streets, threw stones at the local police and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), who were there to disperse the crowd and maintain order. Many local and CRPF police got hurt because of such actions. Even though the Islamic State direct presence in Kashmir is literally zero, there are other Muslim terrorist organisations in the area. These groups can easily provoke Kashmir people about forming a Sharia State which will spread destruction and death.

There are many people in Malaysia and Indonesia supporting the Islamic State and some of them even went to fight for them. Many Dutch people joined public rallies and showed support to the Islamic State by waving the flags. You can see the support for the Islamic State in many other places. These are just few examples of the growing support.

Even in the future, if the Islamic State formed in the part of Iraq and Syria was destroyed, the idea stays alive and any individual or any militant organisation who is inspired by such idea can create destruction and spread violence. As someone thought, jihad movement didn't died with the death of Osama bin Laden or wreaking of Al-Qaeda, it only increased. There is no assurance even this time that this movement will deteriorate, if the idea is kept alive and everyone are exposed to it.

As long as, the idea of forming an Islamic State with harsh implementation of Sharia law, either by forcing or killing who oppose stays alive, achieving World Peace will become tougher and tougher.

Global leaders blamed Russia for forcing Ukraine to attack Russian convoy

Ukraine attacked a Russian armored vehicles convoy which entered Ukrainian border on Thursday night, Aug 14, 2014. Ukraine Military confirmed the attack. Russia denied such intrusion and accused the Ukrainian government for a deliberate attack when they were delivering aid. In a speech on Thursday, Aug 14, 2014, President of Russia said Russia wants peace in Ukraine.

Ukraine government is fighting the pro-Russian rebels from April 2014 in the parts of eastern Ukraine and later the conflict zone needed humanitarian aid. Russia decided to send humanitarian aid and as a result 280 trucks are standing at the Ukrainian border. They will provide food, water, blankets etc. and waiting for the Ukraine permission to trespass.

From the start, Ukraine showed its suspicion about the humanitarian aid, Russia is providing, as it could be used to increase Russian military operation in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine inspected these aids which were meant for eastern Ukraine and allowed to enter on Saturday, Aug 16, 2014. In meantime, Ukraine send its own aid to eastern parts of Ukraine.

Ukraine have to show the remains of these armored vehicles to show that Russia has penetrated into their borders. The United States is working hard to confirm these reports. But if any of them proves then the situation will deteriorate even more.

On Friday, Aug 15, 2014, Washington urged Russia to stop the "extremely dangerous" acts once Ukraine announced that they destroyed the Russian convoy.

On Friday, Aug 15, 2014, Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine President notified David Cameron, United Kingdom Prime Minister about the the attack. The United Kingdom took the issues seriously and asked Russia for an explanation about the intruding into the borders without the permission of the Ukrainian government.
Photo by theglobalpanorama / CC BY-SA
On Friday, Aug 15, 2014, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor telephoned Vladimir Putin, President of Russia and asked Russia to withdraw its troops from the border and stop sending arms, military personnel into eastern Ukraine.

On Friday, Aug 15, 2014, Francois Hollande, President of France asked Russia to reduce the tensions in the conflict zone and respect the Ukraine's territorial integrity.

On Friday, Aug 15, 2014, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) said they saw incursion by Russia last night and these things were happening from quite some time. NATO accused Russia for involving actively in destabilizing the eastern Ukraine.

The European Union accused Russia for elevating the tensions in the conflict zone and said violating international laws will lead to more sanctions.

The Russia in March 2014, send their unmarked special forces into Crimea, expelled the Ukrainian forces and quickly annexed the territory. The Ukraine is worried, the similar thing might happen again and in the eastern Ukraine.

For now, there is no conformation that Ukraine actually fired at Russian convoy, it could be pro-Russian rebels or could have blown one of their own by mistake. Even if its Russia convoy, the only thing that matters is how Russia and the European Union respond. For sure, it will be harder for Russia to annex eastern Ukraine compared to Crimea.

There is a meeting foreign minister of Germany, Russia and Ukraine in the Germany Capital on Sunday, Aug 17, 2014 to talk about the Ukraine Crisis.

Indian Prime Minister focused on key issues in his Independence day speech

India celebrated its 68th Independence day on Friday, Aug 15, 2014. Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister conveyed his regards to the Indians allover the world not as a Pradhan Mantri, (Prime Minister) but as a Pradhan Sevak (Prime servant).

Narendra Modi showed his concerns about women safety in his speech on the Independence day. He pointed out that the parents should keep tabs on their sons and stop them before getting on a wrong path.

Along with the issue, he spoke about killings of female child. He requested doctors to "not kill the unborn girl child for money" and parents to not to kill female child for a desire to a have a son. There is a strong belief in India that sons will take care of the old parents while female child cost them dowry. He said that's not true, he saw families with five sons living luxury lives, their parents living in old age homes and families with only one female child where she serves their parents her entire life without getting married.

Narendra Modi said Poverty is the common enemy of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries and we should tackle it. Narendra Modi said the countries of SAARC had a similar history where our forefathers fought in the freedom struggle together for our freedom. In the speech he questioned, if they can defeat the foreign rule without any weapons or resources, can't we win a fight against poverty?

Talked about the new goal and dream is to create Digital India. Not just the rich, the poor should easily have access to the technology. There should be more involvement of the IT sector in improving education, governance and medical facilities. It will become easy to provide education and health care if the villages in India are connected with broadband. Usage of mobile phones will make it easily for poor people to operate their bank accounts and get benefited from government schemes.

Narendra Modi planned on building toilets in schools for girls, every home and promised the government will build them. Sanitation is one of the major issue and he knows about them as he is from a poor family even others criticizes him for talking about such issue from Red Fort.

India should manufacture its own goods and become self-reliant. He called on the manufactures in the world to manufacture their products in India. India has all resources available for them.

Ahmad Tariq Karim, Bangladesh High Commissioner to New Delhi said the Indian Prime Minister focused on the issues that unite us and also said the speech to be “pragmatic" and an "inspiring” one.

Shakeel Ahmad ,general secretary of the Congress said the speech has nothing new, no new schemes. He charged that the politics of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are "based on communalism" and the Prime minister "climbed the ladder" with such conflicts. Targeting the sanitation, Ahmad said that on television, Vidya Balan is promoting the importance and it's was setup as a part of propaganda plan by the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) governments Ministry of Sanitation.