Armed groups around the world are engaging in constant conflicts with an aim to overthrow local governments and increase their foothold. These conflicts are creating disorder, killings and kidnappings in those areas. The violence that is created by the armed groups and the slow process of destroying of these armed groups by local governments and the international community is creating public unrest.

How does all this start?

Most of the armed groups have a primary goal, which they share openly with the world. The majority of the world then blindly believes them because the claims usually made by these groups include fighting for the rights of the local people against an oppressive government or fighting against the foreign invasion. What they do not share is the long term or the hidden goals they have once they come to power.

Many countries around the world fund these armed groups with money, weapons and sometimes even supply manpower. Most of the times these funds are released by the governments to benefit themselves and trying to destabilize neighboring or the states they consider as enemies. Sometimes even individuals fund these groups on a large scale to achieve their primary goals. Both of these funds extensively without worrying much about the long term, hidden goals of these armed groups.

With these huge, various and diverse types of funds, the armed groups strengthen themselves. Once they have become stronger and with the support from the outside world, they successfully achieve their primary goals, which is mostly ousting the previous government.

Then they will show their true colors; what they are planning to do once their primary goal is achieved. This is the situation where they start doing what their predecessor governments did; violating human rights, killing their citizens in massive numbers with claims working against their governments and many more. If incase these armed groups setup governments they will start funding other armed groups which they think will benefit their government.

Disarm all the armed groups that was not run by United Nations recognized governments.

Never let any group hold weapons. In case, if the armed group is fighting for the citizens rights and aims to take down a tyrannous local government then United Nations peacekeeping forces be deployed in the region. These peacekeeping forces will avoid the local government’s violations of human rights and war crimes.

During this time, the United Nations and other major global powers in the world have to engage in constant talks with the ruthless government in the region to change their behavior towards the citizens and engage in behavior that is more likeable by giving back their rights, stopping violence. UN should resolve the differences between the local government, its citizens and establish a more stable, peaceful government.

Incase if the government does not want to collaborate with the UN to resolve the issue then the UN has to take necessary steps to oust the government in power and replace with a new one. In addition, this power change should happen peaceful and little to no loss of lives; without pushing citizens to engage in a fight with the government forces.

This is actually the first step towards better and a peaceful world. Once this is achieved, moving to the next step will increase the chances of a peaceful world.
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War always leaves painful stories even on the side that was victorious. Lot of soldiers, civilians die, injured and many others will be forced to relocate. There will be hunger, crimes, cries heard in the areas affected by the war. Dead bodies and blood is spilled all over the war zone.

Preventing a War from happening is the best way to make sure numerous lives are saved. Belligerent countries always threaten the neighboring countries or sometimes the entire world. In addition, those countries that bully will always threaten stability in the weaker countries. These types of countries holding huge armies and wide range of heavy weapons will try to destroy Peace in the region.

Because of few countries and their behaviors, number of other countries are dragged into a conflict and forced to retaliate or engage in a War.

There are many countries in the world with disputed borders. These countries constantly exchange fires along the borders, which results in the loss of lives and relocation of many families. If the countries are nuclear armed and a full-grown conflict breaks out, the tensions of usage of such weapons will increase. During these tense situations, countries and their armed forces are tempted to use their nuclear weapons. If used, the results will be catastrophic.

The two World Wars fought in the previously century killed, wounded and dislocated more than hundred million people. A nuclear war in this century could end up killing billions and leave the rest in the dangerous radiation.

Countries are increasing their military expenditures rapidly for various reasons, which include threat from neighbors, dominance. Individual countries often end up spending more money and hold larger armies, which mostly effect the country and its people in a bad way.

The entire world is spending trillions of dollars to maintain their military and increase their weapons cache. All the money could be used for peoples welfare and provide them basic needs like food, shelter, water, education.

During a Civil War, governments sometimes push their army to use Chemical Weapons to disperse the aggressive civilians. Because of this step taken by the government, huge number of civilians are injured and die. These types of situations make the civilians more aggressive and increase the tensions in the situation, which in turn end up with more civilians deaths.

The UN has to disarm the individual countries from holding armies and merge their armed forces with the UN peacekeeping forces. UN should also take control of the wide range of heavy weapons from all the countries. This way, the countries cannot threaten or try to destroy each other. Keeping the UN peacekeeping forces numbers and the weapons they hold in check, the world can save lot of money and properly use it for their citizens.

In case of disturbances created by the armed insurgencies, terrorists, the UN deploys its peacekeeping forces in the region to fight them to secure the region and restore Peace.

In case of Civil War, the UN and its peacekeeping forces will play bigger role to resolve the conflict and reduce differences between the ruling government and the citizens of the country.
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Anyone defines Religion as set of beliefs and Constitution as set of fundamental principles. I look at both of them in a different way. Many think Religion and Constitution are different in many ways but can find many similarities between them if we look close enough.

Overtime, Religion and then Constitution guided the human race towards a better world. Both staying side by side in the world when travelling through time is actually disturbing Peace.

Religion is set of rules implemented in the early stages of human evolution by intelligent people so that they could bring the nomads together and build unity, harmony, responsibility towards each-other in that community.

Later, Constitution came in overcoming the limitations of Religion and with more diversity.

The purpose of Religion and Constitution is to guide humans towards a peaceful path. They both are meant to provide better lives.

Both the Religion and Constitution has judicial system. In Religion, God will punish people for their crimes and in Constitution; Judge will decide whether the accused is guilty of that crime. Both are slow when comes to the time they take to punish the criminal & they need to pick up speed.

The rules written in Constitution changes in accordance with time. Religion do changes its rules but may not be in a similar way. They were many practices left out by the religions over time and many added during its course of time. The change in rules is slow in Religion compared to Constitution.

Constitution strictly imposes its laws inside their borders and punishes those who behave in a way that is against it. Religion does the same thing, hurts the people that does not follow the rules prescribed in the Religious books. The problem here is Religion does not have boundaries or does not limits itself to the people that are following it. Therefore, Religion usually considers the whole world as its boundaries and everyone inside are supposed to follow it otherwise they will get hurt.

Constitution has superseded Religion in the recent centuries in the world. Even then, many follow the rules mentioned in Religion. Some principles in Religion contradict Constitution and vice-versa. This where everyone is getting confused and struggling to pick the right one.

Individual people, political parties, militants get confused with both the terms and are committing crimes. Militants & few Religious Political parties already picked, they prefer Religion to Constitution and want to impose those rules in the territories they rule. What they do not understand is, the Religion they picked needs to be updated to fit in the latest century. It has to be more inclusive and should let go off harsh rules.

All the countries prefer Constitution but the problem is they cannot let go off Religion of their books. This is causing internal conflicts in many countries.

The UN (United Nations) have to ditch one of these on a global scale for better governance. Once which one to continue is decided, the UN has to reshape the remaining one to make it perfect. Otherwise, the world will be cooked up in bigger religious fights. The jihadists currently doing in the world in the name of Islam is very small. More Religions are getting ready to pick similar path to protect their religions and impose their rules.
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