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How to Create Facebook Page

Facebook pages are a great way to connect with your fans, brand loyalists, promote your cause and there are even more reasons to create a Facebook page.
In this tutorial, we will learn to create a Facebook page.
To get started, we need a Facebook account.
1. Go to Create a Page section of the Facebook.

2. Select a parent category for your page from the predefined six. Currently, these include
i)   Local Business or Place
ii)  Company, Organization or Institution
iii) Brand or Product
iv) Artist, Band or Public Figure
v)  Entertainment
vi) Cause or Community

3. Choose a sub category that matches your page after clicking on the drop down and give your page a name and address if you are a local business.

4. Finally, Click Get Started.

That's it. Your page is successfully created. Now follow the page tips before you start sharing it with your friends and fans.

How to Create Facebook App

In this tutorial, we will learn to create a Facebook app.
To get started, you need a Facebook account.
1. Go to Facebook for developers website and log in if you haven't logged into your account.
2. In the top right-hand corner, hover over My Apps and click Add a New App.

3. Enter the name of the app, contact email and click Create App ID.

That's it, you'll be taken to the Product Setup page. Here you can integrate various products offered by Facebook.

How to Update Circular Progressbar Color Endlessly

In this blog post, I'll be explaining how to change the color of an indeterminate circular progress bar not just once but every few seconds. This type of behavior is commonly seen in the Google's Inbox by Gmail app.
It is simple to build. All we've to do is update the progress bar color every few seconds. This can be achieved by using the setIndeterminateTintList method and a Handler.

The setIndeterminateTintList method changes the progress bar color while the handler makes sure this method is called continuously.

Below is a sample code which mimics such behavior.
One more thing to point out is that setIndeterminateTintList was added in API 21 which means it doesn't work on pre-lollipop devices.

Only limited colors are added to the colorList and you can always add more colors or change the colors in the colorList. If you don't have the desired list of colors, you can randomize the color selection process.

I hope this is helpful. If you guys know a better and simp…

Resources Not Found Exception in Android

There may be few newbies in Android programming having trouble understanding Resources Not Found Exception. So, I planned to explain it in this blog post and make the explanation as simple as I can.

Resources Not Found Exception is thrown when the Resource API's failed to locate the resource.

Let us go through an example to know in detail on why this exception is thrown.

In this example, consider there is a text view on the UI which is used to show numbers from 10 to 1 and let's say we used a CountDownTimer class to achieve this task.

If this was the code you've implemented, your app will crash when the onTick method gets executed for the first time.

If you take a look at the log cat, you can see the API thrown a Resources Not Found Exception complaining that it cannot find the Strig Id.
Simply, What this means is that the Resource API looked for a String named remainingTimeInSec and it failed to find it. This is because remainingTimeInSec is defined as int, not a String …